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Welcome to Trillium Information Security Systems.

Information, in any form, is a valuable asset of any individual or organization. Information assets include the entity's internal data, business strategies, financial records, computer software, hardware and networks on which this information runs and the infrastructure supporting the entity's Information Systems. All these are easily penetrate-able and cause loss of information leading to severe security risks to the entity.

To secure the integrity of these assets, Information Security encompasses a broad variety of disciplines and activities i.e. Security Management Practices, Network Security, Operations Security, Computer Security, Physical and Personnel Security. In this active age of increasing threats and evolving solutions, it is vital that Information Security be understood, taken seriously and implemented dynamically.

The Challenge

The most innovative and rapidly growing field is the area of Information Security, indicating a fundamental change in the way Enterprises and Multi-National Companies look at their assets, their management and creating a risk-free environment. The challenge is the demand for multi-dimensional scaling capabilities of a system; led by an increasing number of new threats, vulnerabilities and their timely solutions. Existing theologies have focused on a single dimension: For example, network security technology has focused on packet security, while server security technology has focused on computational security. The result has been an increasing gap between the demands from management for information and the capabilities of the existing platforms to satisfy them. In essence, the existing “focused” platforms have become a bottleneck in high-risk environments. These bottlenecks will only increase, in time, unless a new approach is taken which is capable of satisfying the needs and demands of Information Security.

The Solution
Trillium Information Security Systems (Pvt) Limiteds unique architectural approach to implementation of an Information Security Management System delivers on the requirement for multi-dimensional scaling in an Enterprise infrastructure. Our Management System delivers a more secure and organized working environment and creates more confidence among management, staff and customers alike by the creation of secure surroundings for business operations. The diverse nature of our Management System results in its ability to adapt to the dynamic nature of threats as well as its ability to significantly reduce internal as well as external risks